“The Living Fringe”

This book, The “Living Fringe,” and related blog, Literary Legacies, focus on the preservation and promotion of historic sites, specifically those with associated with great writers. By researching four writers who spent time in Northern California–Robert Louis Stevenson, John Muir, Eugene O’Neill and John Steinbeck–and analyzing the organizations that support the preservation of sites related to their lives and work, I endeavor to prove the value of historical preservation to today’s society. A central theme of this book is that of legacy. What makes a legacy worth preserving and how can future generations benefit from the inspiration it provides? What is it about a specific place that so enriches our understanding and appreciation of a subject?

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“I have the integrity of sixty generations under me and the firm and fragrant sense that I shall join that pediment and support another living fringe and we will all be one. I’ve never known this sweet emulsion of mortality and continuum before.”
– John Steinbeck