Tattered pages, inspiring words

From Where I Sit: In the Vineyards of Napa Valley > Published in the UCDavis College of Letters & Science Alumni Magazine, Spring 2014 > PDF Article The beauty here in Napa Valley astounds me. As I drive down Highway 29 through Napa, making my way through lush vineyards, I feel lucky to call this … Continue reading Tattered pages, inspiring words

Doc Ricketts’ Elusive Lab

I'd wandered up and down that street a hundred times looking for the unassuming wooden facade. On two separate visits in the past four years, I looked for Ed "Doc" Ricketts' Pacific Biological Laboratories, knowing it only from photographs published in the many biographies of John Steinbeck I'd read for my Masters' thesis. It was … Continue reading Doc Ricketts’ Elusive Lab

Inspired Resolutions

The end of the year naturally evokes nostalgia, reminders of memorable moments from the past 12 months and thoughts of resolutions for the coming year. I thought I might set a few of these wishes for the new year to literature that has crossed my path in 2011... Live in the moment. Lesson learned from … Continue reading Inspired Resolutions

Stevenson and Steinbeck in Monterey

As I was researching my masters thesis, which focused on both Robert Louis Stevenson and John Steinbeck, I was always (a little too) excited when I found connections between the writers. I was aware of Stevenson's Napa connections, having spent time in the valley. However, it wasn't until reading Steinbeck's Cannery Row, that I realized … Continue reading Stevenson and Steinbeck in Monterey

Chapter One

I've stood on Jane Austen’s front porch, at the foot of John Keats’ bed and over Percy and Mary Shelley’s gravestone. Deep in the moors of Northern England, I hiked six miles in the rain to Emily Bronte's assumed motivation behind Wuthering Heights. A few years ago, I traveled to Scotland on a solo pilgrimage … Continue reading Chapter One