Through Younger Eyes…

It's been several months since my last post about Jack London's Wolf House in Glen Ellen, Ca. I returned there today and was again inspired by the beauty and history of the place. This time I visited with a good friend and her family, including her two young sons. Seeing the place through the boys' … Continue reading Through Younger Eyes…


A White Bird Flying

Her home was warm and welcoming. I always knew her kind smile and comforting words were close within reach. I was lucky to live just down the street from my grandmother for nine years, during which we  became close friends. She shared her experiences of living through the past decade, of the changes that she … Continue reading A White Bird Flying

Inspired Resolutions

The end of the year naturally evokes nostalgia, reminders of memorable moments from the past 12 months and thoughts of resolutions for the coming year. I thought I might set a few of these wishes for the new year to literature that has crossed my path in 2011... Live in the moment. Lesson learned from … Continue reading Inspired Resolutions