An Unexpected Chapter

Historic homes have a multitude of obstacles to contend with in the best of times. Their limited resources are often spread thin, covering everything from house repairs and renovations to ever-changing advances in technology. In a world where interest in history seems to be waning, the often-underpaid and overworked staff at these iconic sites work … Continue reading An Unexpected Chapter

Mysterious Prague

Earlier this year, my husband and I trekked halfway across the globe to Prague and Vienna. We like to travel during the off-season to avoid the crowds but often that means enduring winter chills and businesses closed for the season. While always beautiful, Eastern Europe in mid-March can be dark and frigidly cold. Determined to … Continue reading Mysterious Prague

Portland’s Legacy: The Pittock Mansion

The light changes by the moment, filtered through quickly moving clouds that bring a fickle combination of rain and breaking sun. The grand stairway darkens as droplets patter at the windows. Through the hall just opposite, bright rays perfectly illuminate the gilded music room. The majestic old home bathes in the changing light, as it … Continue reading Portland’s Legacy: The Pittock Mansion

Tattered pages, inspiring words

From Where I Sit: In the Vineyards of Napa Valley > Published in the UCDavis College of Letters & Science Alumni Magazine, Spring 2014 > PDF Article The beauty here in Napa Valley astounds me. As I drive down Highway 29 through Napa, making my way through lush vineyards, I feel lucky to call this … Continue reading Tattered pages, inspiring words