A Little Red House in Iceland

We visited Iceland about a year ago on an adventure I'll never forget. While I expected stunning natural scenery, glaciers, interesting food, and a unique culture, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautifully preserved literary home. Reykjavik is an incredible town filled with quaint charm and unexpected beauty. As part of a package of … Continue reading A Little Red House in Iceland

Mozart’s Vienna

Music permeates the air in Vienna, wafting from ancient churches and flowing from performers on the street. The Opera House stands as the grand dame in the middle of the city, demanding respect and attention. From the opulently papered walls of the Viennese coffeehouses to the stuffy ballrooms of Hofburg palace, there is a history … Continue reading Mozart’s Vienna

Margaret Mitchell’s Southern Hospitality

I had no idea Margaret Mitchell was such a fascinating character. A glimpse into her sanctuary in downtown Atlanta made me realize what a progressive, relatable and frankly, bad-ass woman she was. A tour of the Margaret Mitchell House provides an intimate glance into Mitchell's life and inspiration. It's hard to believe that she wrote … Continue reading Margaret Mitchell’s Southern Hospitality