The Steinbeck Connection

This article was published by in February 2020. I originally wrote the piece back in 2010 and revised it for the most recent publication. It is written in honor of artist Betty Guy, who had a short but powerful impact on my life, inspiring me to always greet new characters with a welcoming smile … Continue reading The Steinbeck Connection

A Little Red House in Iceland

We visited Iceland about a year ago on an adventure I'll never forget. While I expected stunning natural scenery, glaciers, interesting food, and a unique culture, I was pleasantly surprised to find a beautifully preserved literary home. Reykjavik is an incredible town filled with quaint charm and unexpected beauty. As part of a package of … Continue reading A Little Red House in Iceland

Margaret Mitchell’s Southern Hospitality

I had no idea Margaret Mitchell was such a fascinating character. A glimpse into her sanctuary in downtown Atlanta made me realize what a progressive, relatable and frankly, bad-ass woman she was. A tour of the Margaret Mitchell House provides an intimate glance into Mitchell's life and inspiration. It's hard to believe that she wrote … Continue reading Margaret Mitchell’s Southern Hospitality