Fabled New Zealand

While New Zealand isn't widely known for its influence in the literary world, it is easy to see how it inspires filmmakers of epics like "Lord of the Rings." It is a country that abounds with an unparalleled abundance of pristine, immense, natural beauty. We hiked to the top of Te Mata peak, a craggy, … Continue reading Fabled New Zealand

Margaret Mitchell’s Southern Hospitality

I had no idea Margaret Mitchell was such a fascinating character. A glimpse into her sanctuary in downtown Atlanta made me realize what a progressive, relatable and frankly, bad-ass woman she was. A tour of the Margaret Mitchell House provides an intimate glance into Mitchell's life and inspiration. It's hard to believe that she wrote … Continue reading Margaret Mitchell’s Southern Hospitality

Portland’s Legacy: The Pittock Mansion

The light changes by the moment, filtered through quickly moving clouds that bring a fickle combination of rain and breaking sun. The grand stairway darkens as droplets patter at the windows. Through the hall just opposite, bright rays perfectly illuminate the gilded music room. The majestic old home bathes in the changing light, as it … Continue reading Portland’s Legacy: The Pittock Mansion